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Initial color & composition Test tube 1: Canola oil Golden-colored Data Table 1 Test tube 2: Corn oil It is medium-yellow colored Clear liquid, viscous sticky. Observation after adding NaOH Observation after hot water bath Consistency ranking after cooling: 1 = softest to 4 = hardest Clear liquid, viscous sticky. Defined layer between oil on top and NaOH bottom layer. Yellow line formed where 2 elements came in contact. Mixture had clear separation. The fat layer is cluttered with dark yellow color and starts feel solidify. The bottom layer is filled with cloudy white color. The top layer is less cluttered with light yellow, bottom is filled with clear white layer. 3 2 Test tube 3: Coconut oil When solid, coconut oil is thick milky and creamy. When liquid, coconut oil is white cloudy greasy, easy to pour. Mixture remained the same color

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