Criterion 1: Vendor analysis

Selects 2 or more applications/systems for clinical classification and coding and appraises each vendor for:
? Capacity to evaluate quality coding practices
? Implementation considerations/issues
? System management challenges/training needs

Criterion 2: CDI

? Appraises the value and challenges of a quality CDI program and includes two or more challenges in the CDI process

Criterion 3: Interoperability

? Critiques one or more interoperability issues that’s possible within health information exchange (HIE).
? Includes two or more best practices that address the issue

Criterion 4: HIS evaluation

? Evaluates two or more health information systems (HIS) and their data storage designs.
? Selects the best of the two HIS’s and indicates selection with rationale

Criterion 5: Managerial Challenges

? Evaluates two or more managerial challenges related to clinical indices, databases and registries
? Recommends two or more best practices or policies related to the mgmt of secondary data sources

Criterion 6: Data warehouse design

Appraises at least two approaches to data warehouse design that supports quality data management including:
? processing/storage of data in the warehouse model and;
? Meaningful output into the presentation layer
Summarizes recommendation(s)

Criterion 7: Data analysis

? Analyzes data and information from the point of creation/collection, storage and retention period, and finally – data destruction

HI300_1904C_-2.1: Classify database technologies and healthcare information systems used to manage data and information.

Student work illustrates the ability to provide examples of numerous types of database technologies and categories of health information systems while discussing how they allow users to store, manage, and retrieve data and information.Explanation & Answer: 1100 WordsTags: health and medicaldatabasesinteroperability issues

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