PHI135 Writing Philosophy

Final Assignment Instructions

Your final assignment requires:

  1. Rewriting one of your previous four essays (1,000 words)
  2. Providing a reflective account of how you revised your essay (500 words)
  3. Uploading a single document to Turnitin which includes (in this order):
  4. The re-written essay
  5. The reflective account
  6. Any six of the writing exercises that you completed during the module (you can find these in the Google drive for the module).

To create this document, simply combine a)-c) in the order mentioned above to a single file.

Please label the different elements clearly: Re-written Essay; Reflective Account; Exercise One; Exercise Two; Exercise Three; etc.

Save it as: “PHI135 Final Submission *Your Student ID Number*”.

The final assignment is due in on Monday 26th January at 10am.

This final assignment may be a new and unfamiliar exercise – though I hope you can see why we thought it would be a useful one. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it.

The Reflective Account

Starting with the reflective account, look at the lecture on feedback (Lecture 19 from the penultimate week of the module). 

In this lecture, we suggested four steps for responding to feedback: 

  1. What does the feedback say? Explain what the marker is saying to you in your own words; 
  2. Why is this feedback important? Explain why responding to it would improve your essay.
  3. How do you need to change the essay in order to respond to the feedback? You might comment on the extent to which these changes are realistically attainable in this rewriting exercise: remember the advice in the lecture about responses being SMART; 
  4. Explain what you have actually changed in the revised version of the essay.

You can take these steps as headings to structure your reflective account. Give an explanation under each of these headings, and in doing that you will have shown how you took account of the feedback in rewriting your essay. The reflective account should be about 500 words in total.

Rewriting the Essay

Turning now to rewriting of the essay, the above steps should also hopefully help you to think through the changes you need to make in resubmitting your rewritten essay. Revise the essay, making changes that you think improve it in the direction suggested by the feedback. Some of these changes may be small: please make it clear even when you have made minor changes. Some changes might be more ambitious. Ambitious changes need not be entirely successful in order to be rewarded, as long as they show an understanding of what needs to be done. The word limit for the rewritten essay is the same as it was before: 1000 words.

IMPORTANT: It may be that the process of thinking through the feedback can lead you to see changes that need to be made that were not suggested by the marker. We would love to hear about this as well, so please do include such self-identified changes in your reflective account and rewritten essay too.

Marking the Final Assignment

The mark for the final assignment will be based on your mark for the rewritten essay (50%) and your mark for the reflective account (50%). The six writing exercises have to be submitted, and you will lose marks if you do not submit them (see the module booklet for details); but these exercises will not otherwise contribute to your mark.

Your final mark for the module will be the average of your marks for the three essays that you chose not to resubmit (25% each) and your mark for the final assignment (25%).

In marking the final assignment, we will be looking for evidence that you have successfully followed the steps listed above. Do you understand what the marker was saying to you? Do you grasp its importance? Are you able to see the implications of the feedback for what needs to be changed in your essay? And are you able to implement these changes effectively?

Remember, though, that your marks from Level One do not count towards your final degree result, and that this whole module has been more about the process of learning to read and write philosophy.

We hope that this guidance is helpful. But please do get in touch with any one of us (Chris or Yonatan) if there is anything we can help you with.

Good luck with the final assignment, and thanks again for taking this module. We hope that you have found it helpful in ways that will prepare you for the rest of your degree.

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