Hi, I just need a PowerPoint presentation from the Excel work with 15 slides or more. Also, I need a speaker note for each slide.

Presentation will give a brief presentation of their results to the class in the next lab period. Be sure to include the following:

  1. Purpose of your experiment.
  2. Balanced chemical equations that describe the reaction.
  3. Claim based on your experimental evidence.
  4. Results to support your claim.
  5. Sample calculations that demonstrate how you determined the results from your experimental data.

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Introduction and Procedure for Experiment 6 Experiment 6: Buffers Question: What is a buffer solution? Goals 1. Students understand how a buffer works. 2. Students learn how to prepare an effective buffer solution. 3. Students discover the concept of buffer capacity. Objectives 1. Students gain additional experience measuring pH. 2. Students prepare buffer solutions and test the effect of adding acid and base. Introduction Buffers are solutions that resist a change in pH when small quantities of acids or bases are added. In this experiment, you will examine potential buffer systems and determine their effectiveness. Students should be able to make a claim about which buffer system is most effective and support this claim with both theoretical calculations and experimental evidence. Equipment 1. 2. 3. 4. pH probe Universal indicator

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