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Standard Recipe Card
Recipe Name: Bistro BurgerCOG:  
Yield: 1 eachMenu $:$23.50 
 FC %:  
Sub RecipeIngredientAmountUnitCostSpec
*Burger Patty8oz.  
 Bacon3oz. Sliced
*Siarcusian Onions2oz.  
 Gourmet Bun1ea.  
 French Fries, Frozen6oz.  
Standard Recipe Card (Sub Recipe)
Recipe Name: Burger PattyCOG:  
Yield: 10 # 
Sub RecipeIngredientAmountUnitCostSpec
 Ground Beef10#  
 Salt, Kosher1.5oz.  
 Pepper, Black0.5oz. Ground
Standard Recipe Card (Sub Recipe)
Recipe Name: RemouladeCOG:  
Yield: 2 qt. 
Sub RecipeIngredientAmountUnitCostSpec
 Cornichon8oz. Brunoise
 Onion, Red8oz. Brunoise
 Capers4oz. chop
 Tarragon0.5oz. Chiff
 Parsley0.5oz. Chiff
Standard Recipe Card (Sub Recipe)
Recipe Name: Siracusian OnionsCOG:  
Yield: 40 oz 
Sub RecipeIngredientAmountUnitCostSpec
 Onion, yellow6#  
 Oive Oil24oz.  
 Sherry Vinegar6oz.  
 Garlic, peeled1oz.  
 Chili Flake1oz.  
Fill out Bistro Burger item cost work sheet
Find the price to the smallest increment in ounces
Use the formula : Price  / unit size = cost
Use pricing sheet to fill out prices on standard recipe cards
Start with sub recipes
Add all costs for each recipe to figure out COG, then figure out per ounce cost keeping yield in mind
Fill in costs from sub recipes on Bistro Burger Recipe card
Add all cost together to figure out COG of the dish
To figure out food cost % use the formula COG/ menu price = Food cost %
Contribution margin is the difference between menu price and COG.
 Use the formula: Menu price – COG = Contribution Margin
     # = pound1 gallon = 128 fl oz.   #10 Can = 6.5 Pounds
1 pound = 16 ounces1 Liter – 33.8 oz.
1 dozen= 12 each1 kilo = 2.2 pounds
Fussili BologneseItem Costs
ItemUnit sizePricePer pound/eachPer ounce/each
Gruyere5# block$39.10  
Mayonnaise2.5 gallon$27.35  
Eggs15 doz$37.50  
Garlic, peeled#$4.90  
Onion, Red#$1.85  
Onion, yellow#$0.41  
Capers32 oz Jar$11.25  
Cornichon24 oz Jar$17.89  
ParsleyBunch (2 oz)$0.25  
Fries, Frozen5# bag$10.85  
Dry Goods    
Olive Oil 2.5 Gallon$82.50  
Kosher salt3# box$2.36  
Pepper, black, whole#$7.50  
Ketchup#10 can$6.37  
Sriracha28 oz. Bottle$3.29  
Sherry Vinegargallon$18.95  
Chili Flake#$4.96  
Gourmet BunsDozen$4.56  
Ground Beef#$3.49  

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