Develop and write an APA formatted 3-4 page paper which outlines a leader that you admire. (Leader = Barack Obama)

Key topics from that should be covered in your paper include:

  • Briefly providing the contextual background of the leader
  • Describing key reasons why you admire the leader (providing specific examples of actions & behaviors that the leader used with respect to the five practices of exemplary leadership)
  • Evaluating to what extent the leader had credibility, where it stemmed from, and whether there were areas for the leader to improve.
  • Would the leader be as effective in another activity? For example, if the leader was a business person, would their leadership style and methods work as well (or better or worse) if they were a politician? Teacher? Head of a non-profit social change organization? Why or why not?
  • Conclusion (With the textbook and at least six [6] peer-reviewed sources)

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NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ADMIRE Name of the Person You Admire Star Student Westcliff University BUS 500: Organizational Leadership Professor Fantastic Month Date, Year 1 NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ADMIRE 2 Name of the Person You Admire Briefly providing the contextual background of the leader. This will contain the person’s background. This is how I want your paper turned in. Your audience is someone like your roommate – intelligent, educated, but has NO IDEA what the case study is about. This is generally one paragraph, but two or three may be fine. The easiest way to explain this section is to think of it like an abstract or introduction. This section, if written properly, can actually act as the abstract for this paper. It will, in a sense, set up the rest of the paper, which is the review of the case, analysis, recommendations, and the

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