1. After evaluating the case study, explain which ways the project’s planning and scope management were/were not appropriate.
  2. Describe when the planners begin taking unknowing or unnecessary risks.
  3. Were project constraints or other unique bridge aspects considered in the risk management process? Explain your rationale.
  4. Explain what forms of risk mitigation would you consider appropriate for this project.
  5. PART 2
  6. Building upon your Week #2 section, this week you are to evaluate this video: The Construction of One World Trade Center (approx. 2 minutes long – opens in a new window). Your course lecture provides detailed information associated to Planning a project, which is your focus this week. The Planning process includes the Project Objective, and communicating certain functions such as the management plan, scope, WBS, schedule, budget, and risk assessments to the project team and other stakeholders. Remember, effective project integration ripples through the entire project. For this project, evaluate the video and answer the following prompts in a Word essay of at least 250 words: – What strategic considerations were taken into account when this project was designed, and what purpose do they serve? – What secondary aspects were also incorporated, and what is their significance?

Explanation & Answer length: 150 words

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