Essay Directions:

Use these writing guidelines: 

  • Include a cover page and a reference page in addition to your required word count.
  • Use correct APA v. 7 format.
  • Use section headings to organize.
  • Double-space text.
  • Use size 12 Times New Roman font.
  • Indent paragraphs.
  • Include in-text citations.
  • Use correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure and verb tense.
  • Write in 3rd person

Objective: Analyze business mergers and acquisition strategy processes       

Introduction: There are many strategies to expand your business and enhance your competitive position in the market. Research a company that has expanded its products and services and examine strategies they used to increase their presence in a national or global market. 

Once you have selected a good case study, consider how they conducted the merger strategy or the acquisition strategy.

What steps did they use to leverage their success?

Purchasing a business can be a high risk venture, unless due diligence is established and executed. Establishing a solid understanding of business acquisition is necessary for successful performance. 


  • A 750-word essay.  A minimum of three sources, at least two from the lesson, must be cited intext and in the Reference list. Assignments should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format (  

Activity Details       
Step 1: Research a business that has expanded and increased their presence in the market to identify the strategies they used. Identify the type of acquisition they selected and outline the key strategies that were necessary for successful performance, growth, and sustainability. 

Step 2: Write your essay responding to the following prompts:

Write a 750-word essay.  A minimum of three sources, at least two from the lesson, must be cited intext and in the Reference list.  Address the following prompts:   
(a)  Identify and provide a detailed description of the type of acquisition you researched and the rationale for the purchase.  

(b)   Address the buyer’s considerations of revenue and risk, then focus on how the acquisition impacted internal operations processes, external challenges, and positioning in the market.

(c)   Discuss at least two different steps/approaches that you believe the company used effectively in the pre-acquisition, acquisition, or post-acquisition process. If the case study highlights challenges or failures, discuss what might have improve the positioning of the company?   


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