Please start by downloading the “Urban Growth Case” in the assignment area for this exercise. Also, in preparing your
case analysis memo, please download and refer to the note on “Learning by the Case Method” by Harvard Kennedy
School of Government Case Program.
Instructions: The “The Politics of Establishing Urban Growth Areas in St. Claire County” case captures several public
administration, management, policy and ethical issues that career public officials face in their jobs. You will write a
memo, not to exceed 4 pages single spaced, using # 12 Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins, analyzing this
case. Assessment of your memo will be based upon:
a. Your ability to identify some of the major public administration, management, policy and ethical issues or
problems presented in the case.
b. After you have identified a set of problems/issues, how effectively you develop and discuss each of them. Be sure to substantiate each problem with details from the case.
c. Your ability to identify various stakeholders involved in the case and critically analyze their interests, actions,
and the consequences of those actions.
d. Your ability to analyze the larger environment/social forces within which the decision makers in the case operate
e. Your ability to tie in personal perspectives in analyzing the case. These perspectives could come from your
prior experiences or from the range of courses you have taken in the MPA program.
f. Your ability to write a memo that meets professional standards of writing. This includes maintaining
professional tone, clear and concise line of analysis, use of appropriate headings, sub-headings, correct
grammar, and proper citations. For citation, you could use any of the available formats, but be consistent.

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