Business Intelligence


The current uncertainty of the economy has emphasized the necessity and significance of executing informed decisions through the executives and operation managers in an organization. The management must empower the employees to make good decisions at all the organizational levels to reduce the costs, modernize operations and stimulate continual process of improvements. The employees should be able to regularly access critical corporate business data needs for them to carry out their own evaluates and share knowledge with team members freely. Obtaining the relevant data can help the employees to find opportunities that will enable them to function more efficiently and grow income. Through this, the company can transpire stronger in any economic environment. Majority of the organizations may face numerous challenges when implementing business intelligence (BI) solutions. This paper aims to discuss the typical Business Intelligence implementation challenges faced by organizations   and how to overcome them. It establishes that organizations can overcome the adversity of Business Intelligence implementation by empowering the people with business understanding, improving the effectiveness of the organization and driving IT and developer competences.

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