Business Plan 3,500 to 4,000 words on Transportation and Logistics Field 

of Business Entrepreneurship: A Real-World Approach by Abrams Key Assignment Draft Write a detailed outline (like the one below) of your business plan (Transportation and Logistics). 

Organization is important.  Outlines will vary based on the type of venture. A basic outline of the proposed business plan would include the following:  • Cover Page  o Name of the business  o Address and phone number  o Issue date of plan  • Table of Contents  • Executive Summary  o Company information  o Market opportunity  o Financial data  • Company  o Background  o Business form  o Reason for the firm’s establishment  • Environmental Analysis  o Economic  o Competitive  o Legal  o Political  o Cultural  o Technological  • Products or Services  o Different from those currently on the market  o Other uses for the product  o Drawings or photos, if appropriate  o Patents or trademarks  o Competitive advantage  o Potential for growth  o Manage the product or service through the product life cycle  o Expand the product line or develop related products  • Management Team  o Technical skills  o Business skills  o Experience  o Compensation  o Training  o Professional assistance  • Time Line  o Outline interrelationship and timing of major events planned for your venture  o Timing of objectives should be realistic and attainable  • Benefits to the Community  o Economic development  o Community development  o Human development  • Exit Strategy (How and how long before you and your investors will exit the business and get back your investments?)  o Who will succeed you in the business?  o Will the business be sold?  • Financial Plan  o Sources and uses of capital (initial and projected)  o 3-year projections of:   Cash flow statements   Balance sheets   Profit and loss statements  o Breakeven analysis  o Conclusions and important points:   Discussion of how much equity and how much debt are included   Highest amount of cash needed   Expected payback period for loans

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