Business & Finance

Question 1

1. A manager’s role is that of “information processor,” whereas a leader’s role is:

to communicate the big picture — the vision.

to serve as a communication champion.

to communicate written information, facts, and dat

both to communicate the big picture — the vision and to serve as a communication champion.

Question 2

2. Being a good listener expands a leader’s role in the eyes of others because of all EXCEPT:

o active listening is an ongoing part of a leader’s communication.

o total attention is focused on the message.

o a leader concentrates on what to say next rather than on what is being sai

o a good listener finds areas of interest, affirms others, and builds trust.

Question 3

Discernment involves all EXCEPT:

detecting unarticulated messages hidden below the surface.

paying attention to patterns and relationships.

listening carefully for undercurrents that have yet to emerge.

trying to convince others to agree with a point of view.

Question 4

4. Messages transmitted through action and behavior are called:

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