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What Is A Business Information System? Class 3 ©David K. Meader Today’s Fun • Quick Review of Systems and Processes • Identifying the Parts of A Business Information System • Doing the First and Second Interviews of Your Project ©David K. Meader General Systems Theory 1.Supersystem 2.System 3.Subsystem 2 3 1 ©David K. Meader SDSU Business Degree Hierarchy of Systems Highest Lowest Global commerce U.S. commerce Universities in U.S. SDSU CES Business Program This course Today’s class ©David K. Meader Characteristics of Systems • Interdependence • parts depend on each other • Synergy • Cooperative effort of complementary parts is greater than sum of those individual parts • Entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics) • All systems fall apart over time if they don’t adapt • Optimization and Suboptimization • Subsystems often must suboptimize to

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