For this course your final assessment will be a Business Intelligence Research Paper. To accomplish this, you will use the materials you gather through research and deliverables that you complete throughout the course.
You are free to be creative and explore your concept within any context that interests you. You will be choosing an industry type (Airlines, Retail, Education…etc.) to complete your assignment. This assessment will have both a writing and a presentation component.A few requirements to consider as you develop your paper:
The page limit is 10-15 pages. This means that you should not be under 10 or over 15. A page counts towards this number once you fill half of a page. For example:You have 9 full pages and page 10 is half full, this counts as a 10 page paper.You have 14 full pages and page 15 is half full, this counts as a 15 page paper.Page count does not include title or reference pages.Adhere to APA guidelines.Going under or over the limits outlined above will affect your grade.
You must have at least 10 references, but no more that 20. Half of your references must come from an academic journal. The last half can be from any other source, but I caution you to limit nonacademic journal sources to company websites, trade journals, or a white paper.
We had a option to chose which topic the reasearch  will be on and I chose Basketball so it has to be on Basketball.

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