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12:30 PM Tue Oct 12 e 54% 7 기 Assignment Details BUS-028A-70066 Business Law | Description In this assignment you will take the facts below and create an IRAC. Please make sure you read Appendix A in your textbook. Also, in the Module tab review Week 2 sources, it has a couple of examples of different IRACs. If you haven’t watch this video please do so. IRAC Method: The legal reasoning process that is used to decide cases regardless of length and complexity. IRAC is acronym for Issue, Rule, Application, and Conclusion. 1. Issue – What are the legal issues or questions that arise out of the facts of the case or situation? 2. Rule – What rule of law applies to the case? Or rules 3. Application – How does the rule of law apply to the particular facts and circumstances of this case? 4

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