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MLF1002 –LEGAL CASE STUDY ASSESSMENT 3 (40%) For this legal case study assessment, students are to apply the concepts taught in the law modules for the unit (Modules 9, 10 and 11) to a case study ‘Leighton Holdings: Building Bribery’ and answer four short answer questions. To best answer these questions, students may be required to research beyond the principles taught in the lectures and tutorials, and will be required to reference any external material that is used to form the substance of their answers. In breaking down the marks that are available for this assessment, each question is worth 9 marks for a total of 36 marks for the content portion of the assignment. The remaining 4 marks are awarded for the use of referencing and the structure / presentation of assignment submissions. Students are to integrate a completed cover page (a template is provided on Moodle) into their assignment document and submit their assignment file in soft copy format

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