Business Law Questions and Court Appeal Second B018119 US Case Discussion


1. Wall Street Journal editorial attached. 

This assignment is worth 9 points, you will write a summary of one of the cases discussed in this editorial. From news sources you should cite, describe:

1. the parties
2. the jurisdiction (court, State, etc.)
3. the essence of the plaintiff’s complaint
4. the essence of the defendant’s answer/rebuttal
5. the verdict, noting the types of compensatory damages (medical bills, pain and suffering, lost job income, etc.) and, if punitive, how much?
6. if punitive damages, did they exceed the single-digit ratio limit established by the U.S. Supreme Court?
7. Has the case been appealed? If so, to what court? What was the outcome?
8. what are the competing public policy considerations that come into play with tort awards like this?

Also, brief the following case 

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