1: How important is it to establish credibility in business communications and why? 

2: How has technology changed the communication process? Has technology changed the way people communicate in business? Provide examples.

Technology allows us to communicate with one another, no matter the distance.  When conducting business and an immediate response is required, this can be accomplished through a text, email or phone call.   Remote meetings offer the convenience of conducting business when bad weather prevents travel or when budget constraints prevent travel.  Two months ago, i had my first remote job interview via Facetime and before this interview, i had several other job interviews over the phone, with the VA.   Both methods of interviewing were convenient for me, as i am a single parent on a budget, so i saved money on gas, food,  and the babysitter i didn’t have to hire for the day. 

4: List and briefly describe at least three different audiences within your organizations or give examples ?

5: Based on the reading from the chapter and what I’ve been learning, to have the most effect or to be more effective in a messages, they need to be precise and concise. utilizing strong words to make an impact to the reader without been rude or aggressive. the message needs to be directed to an specific audience to avoid wasting the writer and the reader’s time. for example, you cannot send a message about alcoholism to a person or and audience that don’t drink alcohol. or on a more extreme case, you cannot send a message about running or jogging to a person or an audience in wheel chair. so, according to the experts, the more effective messages are those directed to a target audience. 

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