Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Answer question.The company had already disbursed $11 million for the implementation process before terminating the contract with Axon solutions Inc. Additionally, the company experienced delays in the implementation of the IT. The SAP contract did not exceed $14.2 million the contract used a fixed price and a phased approach as compared to the previous contract.Answer: Due to the implementation, several business problems have been witnessed by the client. First is has resulted in increased financial spending. It has caused disruptions in the daily business processes that the system was intended to improve. Additionally, it has resulted in employee dissatisfaction and stigmatization in some instances. Most importantly, the implementation has resulted in slow accomplishment of business processes in the organization.Answer: The organization benefited from the system since most of its activities are now automated and effectively synchronized. The organization can effectively implement its rules and regulations more effectively with the new system.Answer: The problem occurred in several phases of the development cycle the eventually affected the subsequent phases until the implementation phase. However the main origin of the problem was from the preliminary analysis and the system requirements analysis and specification phases. In these two phases, the entire system is analysed and the requirements specifications are done. It is at this stage that the system scope and the costs incurred are determined and a schedule for implementation is borne. If errors and problems are not identified at this stage, then the same problems will cascade down all the phases to implementation.Michael, Krigsman. “San Diego fires Axon over ERP implementation problems.” 25 February 2009. 30 April 2014