I will pay for the following essay Thesis that uses your original profile and your newly collected data to clearly present your point to your audience. The essay is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.It has been observed that the most significant qualities of a transformational leader are strong execution skills, leading by example and the ability to sense what requires change.The existence of a truly ‘transformational’ leader was identified James MacGregor Burns who differentiated between leaders who were transactional in nature and those who were transformational in nature. The latter were defined as those that brought about some considerable, constructive change in the mindset of the organization and its employees through the use of powerful vision and motivational tactics to enable the various organizational actors to look beyond their immediate self-interests and work for the interest of the entire organization (Burns). However, this definition is criticized on the grounds that the pressing need and struggle for bringing “change” can divert the efforts of the followers away from the core tasks. For example, a school principal who insists on change management will hamper students’ learning by forcefully engaging them in CSR activities and taking time away from them. The CSR program is designed to enhance the level of educational standards within institutions and is funded by the state (U.S Department of Education). The purpose of this program is to enable students of all levels to achieve the high academic standards set by the state after thorough research (U.S Department of Education). Schools are then required to fulfill the eleven aspects of this reform. These components include professional development of staff, setting up of SMART goals, parental involvement in bringing about improvements as well as the use of an external partner that assists the school in implementing these reforms (U.S Department of Education).The fact that the most significant quality is that of having a strong vision is also heavily debated. There are leaders who have an excellent vision, they know where to get but either do not know how to get there or