1. Wayne Angell, a former Fed governor, stated in an editorial, “The Federal Reserve should get back on track getting inflation rates so low that inflation would no longer be a determining factor in household and business investment decisions.” Mr. Angell believes inflation lowers long-term growth.
    • How does inflation affect household decisions and, consequently, growth?

    Each discussion topic will be “Open” for a one-week period. There are two aspects to discussions: an original post and a response to peers.
    • You are required to post one “substantive” posting addressing the course material. By “substantive,” I mean not merely providing a brief “yes, I agree” or “no, I do not agree” posting, but discussing the issues in some depth, providing your own thoughts or questions on the matter. Ideally, I’d like you to connect and integrate the discussion prompt to the course lectures, class discussions, and course textbook (whenever possible). The more evidence that shows you are doing the readings and engaging with them, the better. In your posting, avoid making unsubstantiated assertions and claims. Support your point with evidence from the textbook or other websites (include citations), whenever possible. Some possible ideas to write about include, describing any connections between the readings or course material, expanding on a concept or idea that struck you in the course material, or offering another explanation or illustrative example. (minimum of 250 words)

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