Write a 4 page essay on Business plan.In case services it need the permission for offering services and a tax structure that taxes the services and income separately. The next stage is to get permission for recruiting qualified personnel to offer services on phone and physically. 1The firm is a sole proprietorship company. The proprietor will be at the helm of the affairs. Under him the managers of the services, marketing, customer care and technical departments will be present. Under them service representatives, marketing executives, call service operators, and technical personnel who take care of the machinery and instruments of the company are needed.Even a small business in the likeness of the one discussed in this paper needs independent professional accountant. He can help the firm in relations with Bank. The professional accountant post is not included in the organizational structure mentioned above so that the company can have a person on contract. As the firm is dealing with services it needs the legal advice in time. As the firm considered is doing small business the legal advisor also can be contacted on a monthly payment basis to seek advice. 2In the small business of PC and Internet service offering the company needs qualified personnel and the kits that need in using while servicing a Computer or a peripheral like Printer etc. These tool kits and machinery that offer chip level servicing will be costly. The company can buy the machinery needed for chip level servicing after gaining enough business regarding card level servicing. So initially the company needs no costly machinery and can least bothered about insurance issues. Regarding cost of the machinery the company needs to purchase from the firm that quotes the least and offer the best.The Business premises for the small business that offer PC and Peripheral services needs a minimum of 6 rooms. One is for the Cabin of the proprietor. The other four for the departments mentioned in the previous chapters. The

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