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Business Presentation Assignment Requirements

As a follow-up to your report, you will also be required to prepare an oral presentation. The purpose of the presentation will be to deliver your findings and analysis from the report and to highlight conclusions and recommendations. When visualizing and planning your presentation, consider how to best capture the aspects of delivery that will be measured in the rubric.

Very Important: You should not need to purchase any software to complete this task.

The presentation must meet the following requirements:

Minimum of 8 minutes; maximum of 10 minutes of an oral presentation
Use a balance of visual and textual information;
Correctly cite all information in either APA or MLA format and include either a Works Cited (MLA) or Reference (APA) page.
Along with considering the best way to organize and transfer your report into an oral presentation, you need to also consider aspects of delivery. You should consider the following:

Elocution and language (modulation of voice, pacing, tone, confidence in speech);
60 points – Summative Assessment
Rubric Criteria – I will be using the rubric found in the assignment link.

Here is an example of a presentation presented online:

Here is an example download
Minimize File Preview

of a PowerPoint that was created to accompany the student who presented in person.

You are also welcome to use other presentation tools other than PowerPoint. Please review the multimedia links found in “Writing and Presentation Tools.”

Checklist: Enhancing Presentation with Visuals

  1. Plan your presentation visuals

____Make sure your you and your message, not the visuals remain the focus of your presentation.

_____Follow effective design principles, with an emphasis on simplicity and authenticity

  • Choose Structured or Free-form slides

____Structured slides using bullet points templates are easy to create, require little design time or skill. Best uses: routine, internal presentations

____Free form slides make it easier to combine textual and visual information, to create a more dynamic and engaging experience, and to maintain a conversational connection with the audience. Best uses: motivational, educational, and persuasive messages.

  • Design effective slides

____Avoid “slideuments” slides that are so packed with information that they can be read as stand-alone documents.

____Use a key visual to organize related ideas in a clear, meaningful way.

____Write text that will be readable from everywhere in the room.

_____Write short, active, parallel phrases that support, not replace, your spoken message.

_____Limit the amount of text so your audience can focus on listening, not reading.

_____Use color to emphasize important ideas, create contrast, isolate visual elements, and convey intended nonverbal signals.

_____Limit color to a few compatible choices and use them consistently.

_____Make sure your background doesn’t compete with the foreground

____Use decorative artwork sparingly.

____Emphasize functional work -photos, technical drawings, and other visual elements containing information that is part of your message.

____Choose typefaces that are easy to read on screen: limit the number of typefaces and use them consistently.

____Use slide masters to maintain consistency throughout the presentation.

____Use functional animation when it can support your message.

____Make sure slide transitions are subtle.

____Use builds carefully to control the release of information.

____Use hyperlinks and action buttons to add flexibility to your presentation.

____Incorporate multimedia elements that can help engage your audience and deliver your message.

  • Complete slides and support materials

____Review every slide carefully to ensure accuracy, consistency, and clarity.

____Make sure all slides are fully operational.

____Use the slide sorter to verify and adjust the sequence of slides.

____Have a backup plan if your electronic presentation fails.

____Create navigation and support slides.

____Create handouts to compliment and support your presentation message.

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