FedEx Proposal

            FedEx is a market leader across America in offering shipping solutions to customers and businesses globally. With its headquarters in Memphis Tennessee, the organization is effective at provision of both strategic and logistical support to the variety of the operational divisions. Nonetheless, with the increasing demand for the services, it is outright that an organizational evaluation reveals significant setbacks that require strategy formulation and implementation. The organization is dealing with market saturation and competition within the North American market that is depleting its profitability. To mitigate the potential weaknesses, the organization should focus on expansionary approach within the global spectrum via an acquisition strategy.  Emerging markets such as China, Brazil and India should offer lucrative markets that the organization should venture in their expansionary strategy. Nonetheless, the need for extensive budgeting and evaluation of the timeline to adopt the strategy successfully should proceed. As a proposal, emphasizing on an acquisition strategy in their expansion to mitigate the potential weaknesses should be the way forward for successful outcomes.

Strategic overview

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