Stat Project Summary and Instructions:

Statistical studies are done routinely in our society to find important information about medical issues, to discover interesting facts about political situations, and to test opinions about educational ideas. As part of the course requirements for MGS 2150, you will carry out a statistical study on the Pelican Stores data set provided to you. The data provided in this data set will be your database for the entire project, which will consist of a total of eight labs over the course of the semester.

Lab Data Set: This data set is a collection sample of 100 countries. The data set includes the following: Items, Sales, Card Type, Gender, Country, Age, and Martial Status.

How To Begin:

Step 1: Read about data mining in Chapter one. Read about categorical vs. quantitative variables, also in Chapter one. Think about how you might “mine” this data to convert it into useful information or uncover hidden predictive information.

Step 2: Identify all the variables in this data set and label each as either a quantitative or qualitative variable.

Step 3: Open the data set for Lab Data Set in Excel. The file is attached in the assignment area.

Step 4: Write up Lab 1 following the guidelines below.  

Lab 1 Write Up Instructions:

1. Describe an interesting question that you might answer with this data set? What do you anticipate finding as you study your variables and their relationships? (This should be 2-3 sentences.)

2. Identify the population used in this data set. What is the sample size?

3. Identify all the variables. Label each as either categorical (qualitative) or quantitative.

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