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1. Suppose a group of 12 students with the test scores listed as follows:19,

71, 48, 63, 35, 85, 69, 81, 72, 88, 99, 95. Partition them into four bins


(a) equal-frequency (equi-depth) method

(b) equal-width method

(c) an even better method (such as clustering).

2. What are the value ranges of the following normalization methods,


(a) min-max normalization,

(b) z-score normalization,

(c) normalization by decimal scaling?

3. Table below shows how many transactions containing beer and/or nuts

among 10000 transactions.

Beer No Beer total

Nuts 50 800 850

No Nuts 150 9000 9150

Total 200 9800 10000

(a) (roughly) calculate X^2 ,

(b) calculate lift,

(c) calculate all-con confidence,

(d) based on your calculations, how do you conclude the relationship

between buying beer and buying nuts?

Hint: The formulae to compute x^2 , lift and all-con dence are as follows.

X^2 =sum (observed expected)^2


lif t =P(A U B)/P(A)P(B)

all conf(X) =sup(X)/max item sup(X)=sup(X)maxfsup(ij)j8ij 2 Xg

where maxfsup(ij)j8ij 2 Xg is the maximum (single) item support of

all the items in X.

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