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Lincoln A Questions 1. What is so different from the current structure and the one being proposed? 2. Why did the original structure make sense originally? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 3. What has changed that may have made this structure obsolete? 4. How important are these channels—the ones Lincoln wholesales to, for Lincoln? Are they becoming more or less important? 5. How do Lincoln’s customers sell their products? What is changing in this regard? What does this mean for Lincoln? 9-508-028 REV: MAY 15, 2008 DAVID B. GODES DAVID LANE Lincoln Financial Group (A) Early in March 2000, Jon Boscia, Chairman of Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) sat across from Wes Thompson, Senior Vice President for LFG’s Lincoln Life Distributors division in the board room on the 39th floor of the financial services firm’s Philadelphia headquarters.

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