Lab Report

This week you will submit a comprehensive Lab Report regarding the Solid Waste Audit Lab you have been working on over the last 7 weeks. Your lab report should use this template and contain the following:

Introduction: Edit, if necessary based on Instructor feedback, the Introduction you submitted in Week 1. This is the beginning of your lab report.

Methods: Explain how you carried out your research. Provide details about how you collected your trash and recorded your data, including how you measured your waste. Make sure to outline this process clearly so someone else could repeat your experiment.

Results: Include your table, and using your table data create a bar graph visualizing your 24-hour waste audit. This video will help you create a bar graph. Explain what your bar graph illustrates in terms of your hypothesis. Refer to the appendices in your textbook for information about interpreting data with charts and graphs. You can also read this tutorial about how to transfer table data into a bar graph.

Conclusion: Write a conclusion of your lab answering the following questions:

·What do the results say about your hypothesis? Clearly state whether your hypothesis was supported or falsified.

·What did your group discuss regarding alternatives to putting more waste in the landfill?

·What did your group think would be good questions for future research?

·How do your results relate to the average American, your group, and your state? What does this mean about your ecological footprint?

References and Acknowledgements: Cite any references used to create your report and give credit to your group members for sharing their data and ideas.

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Running head: WASTE MANAGEMENT 1 Waste Management Gerard Huddleston GS 104 Grantham University 02-15-2021 WASTE MANAGEMENT 2 The last thing that I can remember throwing away is plastic bags. In a day, I generate trash of approximately 10 lbsand therefore I usually take two days to fill one trash bag and in a week, I fill a minimum of three trash bags or cans. My common items in my trash include plastics and domestic waste which pollute the land, water, and air thus affecting the health of people, plants, and animals living in my environment. The convenience packaging of items in plastic bags which are for single-use and throw away has contributed a lot to the larger volumes of the waste I dispose of although I have lately realized the new methods of trash disposal such as recycling, reusing, burning, throwing in pit latrines, and

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