Marketing Strategy Essay


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MKTG 4780- Marketing StrategyPlease respond to all five (5) questions below: 1) What causes individual customers to migrate in different directions and at different rates (see customer dynamics)? Discuss the related factors as per the notes and class material. 2) Discuss each of the following approaches & processes for managing customer dynamics. Please use a discussion format (do not copy and paste from the course material). i) Lifecycle approach ii) Dynamic segmentation approach iii) Acquisition, expansion, retention (AER) model iv) Lost customer approach 3) What are three (3) benefits of employing a CLV strategy? 4) MP#1 and MP#2? i) How does MP#1 relate to MP#2? ii) How can knowledge of MP#1 help with designing effective MP#2 strategies? 5. Use the below formula to calculate the CLV for the following: A manager of a cable company

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