help with Lab Charge Carriers

Lab 9 –Charge Carriers:PurposeStudents will attempt to determine the sign of electric charge carriers.TheoryThere was a time when it was not clear whether charge carriers were all positive, all negative, or a mix of both. It was known that they had to be some-how universal to all matter, but there seemed to be two kinds. Chemistry was revealing that acids could break down substances, […]

Lab Leyden Jar

Lab 10 Leyden Jar.pdf Lab 10 –Leyden Jar:PurposeStudents will build and experiment with a simple capacitor.TheoryThe Leyden Jar(“LIE-den”) was the first effective capacitor. Itholdscharge via polarization of atoms in the non-conductive jar walls onceit’sinduced there by a voltage difference between the inner and outer conductive layers. The chargingterminalconnectedtothe jar’s internal conductor mustbe very smoothbecause pointy surfaces leak charge rapidly via coronal discharge.Figure 10:A classic Leyden Jar in cut-away.This activity usesthe electrophorus and pith-ball pendulum from before.Procedure1.Find a bottle or […]

PaSciRo Simulation

This is a project. All specicfactions are on the pdf which also include documentation and report. Please read the pdf carefully You can use the code as a starting point, or simply to help understand the problem. Either option’s code will need to be reworked (refactored) when implementing Objects and the other functionality outlined in […]


Each group must choose a Fintech company or app, from New Zealand or other countries,and write a brief report that addresses the following question: What is the company/app’s competitive advantage in the financial industry? In this report, our group chose the FinTech company called Xero Limited. The answers must be supported by relevant references and […]