University of South Florida Conceptual and Technical Compositions Art Presentation

Watch the video tutorial in order to complete this interactive exercise. Once you have finished watching the video, download the attached PowerPoint slide,  complete the exercise and then upload the completed slide to this drobox. Also attach a brief written description of what you attempted to accomplish with your composition…  Attached is the PowerPoint slide you will […]

Pierce College Apollonius Sculpture and Seated Boxer Image Comparative Essay

Apollonius, Boxer at Rest (or The Seated Boxer) by Dr. Beth Harris and Steven Zucker Myron, Discobolus (Discus Thrower) by Dr. Beth and Steven Zucker  Both Images of the artworks side-by-side are in a file attached along with others that will help. The comparison essay should answer the question, “How are objects similar?” and “How are objects different?” The […]

LAVC Comparison and Contrast of Works of Art Essay

Musuem Sites: Getty Center (Links to an external site.) Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Links to an external site.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Links to an external site.) The Hammer Museum (Links to an external site.) Norton Simon Museum (Links to an external site.) The Museum of African American Art (Links to an external […]