Presentation or Speech: Training Program on Conflict Resolution

Due to a recent increase in the number of cases involving interpersonal and interdepartmental conflict in your organization, HR has decided to develop a training program on conflict resolution. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation with speaker’s notes that is supported with credible sources of research and includes each of the elements listed below: Develop a professional […]


The antithesis is the opposite of your thesis– you should mention the antithesis in your paper and then prove it wrong.  This assignment will help you understand more about the importance of the antithesis and how to use it in a strategic way. Here’s what you’re going to do:1.  Write down your antithesis– this should […]

Globalization of Eating Disorders

ESSAY COMPONENTS An introduction that identifies the written text you are analyzing with brief background information (the author, year published, and important background of the text).A thesis statement that clearly and directly provides an analytical position about the effectiveness of the written text.  Note: You will workshop your thesis in the discussion forums.Targeted summary or […]