1. If Just Us! had to compete with Kraft, Nestle and Starbucks, would this mean that is was time to be more proactive in marketing their brand? Please explain in detail your reasoning.
  2. Do you think Just Us! should establish more cafes? If so, where would they add them? What are some possible challenges to this expansion possibility? Do they have enough knowledge in franchising?
  3. Explain what Fair Trade tourism is? Is this a new phenomenon in tourism?
  4. If you were in charge of Just Us! what would you do to help secure the supply chain for various fair-trade coffees?
  5. Do you think the big coffee brands “bully” the growers to almost monopolize the trade? If so, how can fair-trades legitimacy be maintained?
  6. Can Just Us! grow and also preserve their core values? If so how? Please be specific with your answer.

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On the afternoon of January 15, 2006, Jeff and Debra Moore, founders of Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co- operative, were taking a 20-minute break from an all-day strategic planning meeting. They were exhausted. They had spent most of the day discussing the impact that major trends in the organic fair trade market, especially the market for coffee, might have on the company’s future business strategy. The growing demand and acceptance of fair trade products was good news for the industry and opened many opportunities for Just Us! But there were also risks. Just Us! was likely to face increased market competition from major U.S. retail coffee brands and Canadian supermarket brands. There would also be greater pressure on margins as more brands crowded the shelves, and more competition for access to top quality sources of supply. The Moores

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