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Engineering Design Challenge: Designing a Better Whirligig Participating group members (Write legibly) : ______________________ _ ____________________________ _______________________________ Grading of each part will be based on its completeness and creativity. Define the problem: (10 points) What problem are you trying to solve? (10 points) What are the criteria for success? Developing Solutions: (10 points) Describe two additional models that you made and tried. How are they different from the original model? Sketch the original and two new models alongside each other to emphasize their differences. (10 points) Plan your investigation. What data did you collect? Record your data. Which model best solves the problem? (20 points) Draw force diagrams showing the forces acting on the original model plus the revised best-working model, assuming they are dropped at the same time from the same height. Best to draw side views of the models and then draw the force arrows appropriately while the models are falling. Pay careful attention to the relative lengths of the force arrows on each diagram. Make sure you label the force arrows and the speed arrows. (20 points) Write at least two sentences explaining (in terms of Newton’s Second Law) why your best model falls more slowly than the original model. Assessment of Group Member Contributions: If a group member contributed fairly to all parts of the group project, then assign that group member a score of 3 points. Provide specific reasons for the scores you gave. If a group member’s contribution was much less than others in the group, then you can give that person less than 3. If a group member did not participate in preparing the group report, then write ‘did not participate in group report’ and give that person a 0. [20 points] Group Member Reasons for Grade Earned S c o r e

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