Throughout the course, we’ve identified several challenges to succeeding in college and some of the skills it would take to tackle these challenges. In the first major learning experience Assignment, you identified a challenge that you face. Now, you will build upon that assignment by considering the following questions: How will you attempt to tackle the challenge? What’s your goal? What strategies can you try to help you achieve your goal?

For this assignment, state one (1) SMART goal you want to accomplish this semester that will contribute to your success in college and create an action plan that breaks the goal into smaller, more achievable steps.

Here is a short video that summarizes what a SMART goal is:

Your action plan should include…

  • A discussion of steps you will take to accomplish your goal
  • An explanation of why these steps will contribute to accomplishing your goal
  • A timeline for completing these steps with an explanation of how you will track your progress (for example, using charts, calendars, journals, etc.)
  • A discussion of the readings/videos/discussion/activities from the class that you believe will help you achieve your goal

Here is a recommended organizational pattern for the essay:

Paragraph 1: Discuss the Specific goal and why you have chosen this goal

Paragraph 2: Discuss the steps you will take to accomplish your goal, how you plan on Measuring and tracking your progress, and what kind of Timeline you intend to use to track your progress. Be sure to discuss 3 skills or tools you will use to help you reach your goal. Your timeline should have a 4 Week range.

Paragraph 3: Explain why you think this is an Attainable and Realistic goal

Paragraph 4: Discuss why you think this goal is Relevant to your short and long term success

Paragraph 5: Explain how the course activities (discussions, readings, videos, etc.) will help you achieve your goal

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MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1 1 MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1: IDENTIFY A CHALLENGE ROSE COSME BERKELY COLLEGE SOC1123 OLA4 PROFFESOR VENTOURAS 10/01/21 MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1 2 MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1: IDENTIFY A CHALLENGE The challenge I am choosing to focus on is time management. A little background about myself is that I am mother of two, I work a full- time job and now enrolled in an online school, full time. I have always struggled to accomplish goals, one of them being school to obtain my degree. Time management is essential for everyone; for instance, waking up early to allow yourself some time to have breakfast. As minor as this may sound, The Better Health Channel explains “breakfast eaters tend to be more physically active in the morning than those who don’t eat until later in the day” Better Health Channel. (2012). By adding this as part of my morning routine, I am taking care of myself mentally and physically so that I can tackle my day better. Time management is a challenge for me personally, because I don’t have a work life balance. Ten years ago, I was in the hospitality industry and my schedule consisted of PM shifts which were 3pm-11pm and sometimes the audit 11pm-7am. It was difficult to spend time with my family because I was always tired. I was also enrolled in school at the time and unfortunately didn’t do well; any free time I had I would rest instead. Eventually, I had to resign and look for a job with a better schedule. I am now in the Healthcare field and have a 9am-5pm shift. My calendar consists of two or three meetings daily, I also must ensure my three-unit floors are operating seamlessly, therefore, by the time my shift is over I end up spending extra hours afterwards completing projects. By the time I get home, I am rushing to make a quick dinner and family time consists of brief recaps of our day and then everyone is off to bed. I am prioritizing this challenge, time management, starting with my job. I am delegating work to others so that I can focus on the areas that require immediate attention. I am also advising my colleagues to send me a calendar invite so that I am not being pulled from MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1 one place to another. The reason I am prioritizing time management over others is because it gives me a chance to be more productive at work, which allows me to go home on time. If this strategy works out for me, I will have more time to spend with my family, time for school and homework assignments. I am confident that I will be able to tackle this challenge, because the moment I chose to enroll back in school, I began to make changes to my lifestyle. These changes and or adjustments have helped me immensely. I now wake up earlier than usual to have breakfast (which I did not do before) I walk my dogs and add this as part of my exercise. I have also made an agenda for my weekends which consists of handling house chores early in the morning so that my afternoon is freed up to focus on school. Moreover, I am happy to be back in school, enthusiastic about learning and finally earning my degree. This class has helped me identify my challenge through the readings. I really enjoyed identifying the differences between a proactive person versus reactive. It has helped me take a different approach to my staff as well as in my personal life. Time management correlates with productivity. Learning about the SMART goal setting has also made me realize how essential it is to be realistic with your goals. I was able to utilize this strategy to set my own goals. 3 MAJOR LEARNING EXPERIENCE #1 4 References Better Health Channel. (2012). Breakfast.

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