Dissertation Topic – “4-Day Workweeks to improve Work-Life Balance in Nonprofit Organizations

Understanding Challenges and Strategies

As you engage in the process of searching, analyzing the literature, and developing your annotated bibliography, you may face certain challenges and uncertainties. Are you having difficulties finding gaps in the literature? Do you know how to discriminate between relevant and irrelevant material? Are you able to clearly organize and structure your evaluation? Are you not able to discern common themes? Do you struggle with understanding why the annotated bibliography needs to be done?

In this Discussion, you will be able to share how you have thought through and responded to difficulties you have faced and also be able to offer suggestions to your colleagues on how they can respond constructively to the challenges they face.

Post a response to the following in 3-4 paragraphs:

  • What challenges are you experiencing as you are conducting your literature search and critically analyzing the articles you are finding in your topic “4-Day Work Weeks to Improve Work-Life Balance in Nonprofit Organizations?
  • What strategies have you been using to address these challenges?

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