please respond to this prompt with the following information (6 points):

Paragraph 1:

ELAC’s library provides excellent resources for learning how to research and write a research paper in the Research Guides section of its website. Go to and watch the video entitled “How to Read a Scholarly Journal Article” to learn more about successfully extracting information from a scientific paper loaded with jargon and advanced concepts.

What did you learn from this video about scholarly articles? How will you read scholarly articles differently in the future?

Paragraph 2:

look at the attached article Volcanism, impact and mass extinctions: incredible or credible coincidences? by White, Rosalind V ; Saunders, Andrew D. LITHOS, 2005, Vol.79(3), pp.299-316 through ELAC library’s OneSearch Database. Using the research tutorial video as a guide, read through the article and take notes on the following information: What question are the authors trying to answer? What methods are they using to try to answer this question? What is their main conclusion? Do you have any more questions about their research?

once you’re re done please respond to TWO other posts (that I will send to you after you finish) with the following content 

  • Do you agree with your classmate’s reading of the Volcanism article? Did they accurately understand the question, methods, and conclusion of the article?
  • Discuss what you find interesting or alarming about the article’s topic: the link between volcanoes, impacts, and mass extinctions.

first person to reply to:


Paragraph 1: I learned that reading a scholarly article is very simple and you just have to read the abstract and read the and highlight any key details that may pop up in a test or a discussion later on. Also ask question throughout the scanning process and read the introduction and about the first lines of each paragraphs to get a better understanding of each topic that is being addressed in the article. In stead of wasting my time reading the whole article I will just scan the article and look for key details that may be important.

Paragraph 2: The authors are trying to discover if the volcanism, impacts ,mass extinction are coincidences that happen for a reason or they just happen because that’s how it is. They look through past events that happen and see if there are any similarities that occur but overall sometimes there are some events that look like there’s a cycle but sometimes its just a coincidence. Overall we cant fulling determine a impartially event but what we can do is help prepare for the events and try to minimize the damage that may result in the event of anything that may happen. I don’t but you can tell that they have years of research and they can determine any cycles that may happen and they have a good understanding on why these events occur.

second person to reply to:


I thought it was really interesting for the first tip the video gives is you don’t have to fully read the article on the first run. I do agree that it’s better to skim the read first to see if it’s connected to the question you’re trying to understand. Reading the abstract is a good note I took from the video to do next time I have to go through an article. I also learned to remember the key words that stick out to me so I can use them to research further sources. Also, reading the end is a good tip to look for the conclusion, especially if it’s a long article. An important thing to look out for is if the article is peer reviewed so you can judge if it’s trustworthy. You can also look at the resources to test its trustworthiness.

The question they are trying to answer is if continental volcanism causes mass extinction. Some methods they are using to answer their question is looking at explosions in the lithosphere caused by mantle-plumes, Another method is looking at if the timing of the explosion plays a factor. Their conclusion was mass extinctions were not directly caused by volcanic events but they could be the cause of lesser extinctions. 

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