Hi, I need help with essay on A REVIEW OF PIECE OF SOCIAL RESEARCH EXAMINING CHANGES IN MONEY MANAGMENT. Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!e their finances, in particular the way the expenses for children and child care are paid, and who is most responsible for those expenses, can still be a route to inequality. The paper leads the reader to understand that the individualization of finances, though leading to a real sense of autonomy,could still leave women with the belief that they are still the primary care givers of society.In “Research Methods in Politics” it says, “The ability to research, and therefore provide evidence to corroborate a particular view of the world, is clearly vital to the discipline of political science.” (Brunham, 2004: 1)Keeping the above thought in mind, we must understand what Pahl was intending by making such a statement. The paper did not put forth any particular reason(s) or solution to the inequality problem as presented, it only stated that there could be an unexpected end result.The methodology used for the paper was fairly extensive, citing both the author’s own research and a number of different studies, interviews, books and research papers that substantiated the author’s premise. The paper incorporated a lengthy reference list, with over thirty references to research directly related to the article.There was a lot of material crammed into such a short article, so much so, that it may have been too overbearing. “Presenting the findings of a survey can be quite complicated, and it is easy to lose the reader in a mass of detail” (Punch, 2003: 72). Learning how to present, and maybe even more importantly, how not to present information, was something that this author could have done a little better.Even though the writer is faced with more options when presenting the findings, and has a little more leeway in presenting those findings, if the information contained in the rest of the article has already overwhelmed the reader, then the findings may not make as much sense as desired.The structure of the paper was fairly straight