1. After reading  Chapter 10 discuss the following activities:
Think of an organization with which you are familiar or perhaps one in which you have worked, such as a store, restaurant, office, church, or school. Then answer the following questions. Focus on Chapter 10, and suggest technical solutions based on the chapter’s content. No commonsense!!
1.1. Which contingencies are most important in explaining how the organization is organized? Do you think it is organized in the right way?
1.2. Using the job characteristics model, how motivating do you think the job of a typical employee in this organization is?
1.3. Can you think of any ways in which a typical job could be enlarged or enriched?

2. After reading Chapter 15, discuss the following activities:
This exercise aims to develop your critical thinking skills in analyzing a group development stage. This is an individual exercise based on simulated actual results. There are two attached documents: (1) “What stage is your team in” (which shows how to evaluate the stage of a group), and  (2) “What stage is your group in Survey Results” (which shows the results obtained from applying this survey to an actual group).
Once you have analyzed the results shown in document 2 by using document 1, then craft  a 500 words executive report based on the following points:
2.1. Identify the current stage of your team. Show calculations.
2.2. Identify the weaknesses and strengths of the group and recommend actions to improve group effectiveness.
2.3. Prepare an implementation plan (see the attach model) to take the current group stage to the next one (consider “group development process”).

3. Find out how to measure “group cohesiveness”. I recommend reading this subject from chapter 15 and articles from the FNU electronic databases, etc, to get insights regarding group cohesiveness. Mention at least two cohesiveness models, compare them, and define which one is better from your managerial perspective, and why.
To access to FNU Databases: Go to www.fnu.edu / academics / Library / LIRN / username: 24439 password: fnylibrary39 / Business / ABI/INFORM Global / click full paper and peer reviewed then enter the keywords and find articles.

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