Select one:

a. takes place in several locations

b. is a single unit of action

c. must be at least 12 minutes long

d. is the inciting call to action

2. What is the function of a scene?

Select one:

a. Character Development

b. Reference other movies

c. Express writer’s Point-of-View

d. All of the above

e. None of the above

3. In THE VERDICT, the INCITING INCIDENT happens when Frank…

Select one:

a. Plays Pinball in the bar

b. Gets kicked out of the funeral

c. Gets one last chance from the judge

d. Meets the expert witness

4. In THE VERDICT, the first ACT BREAK happens when…

Select one:

a. Frank smashes his diploma

b. Frank tells the nurse, “I’m her attorney”

c. Frank refuses the settlement offer

d. Frank meets Laura in the bar

5. What is NOT a SUB-PLOT from THE VERDICT?

Select one:

a. Frank’s relationship with best-friend

b. Frank’s romance with Laura

c. The patient’s medical record

d. The Archdiocese and Insurance Company

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