I need to do the experiment first so I can get the results. I will provide the results as soon I get them.
I will do a comparison of distilled water and saline water for agriculture. I will analyze the Saline water in the Chemical and Biological test.

-Chemical analysis of saline water

  • Biological analysis: prepare 2 types of media, one LB media (bacteria culture) and Pdi media (fungi culture)

The expected outcomes for my Saline Water experiments: 
–    How much salt in water?
–    Ions
–    measure the conductivity
–    analysis of the heavy metals in the water

Outline: Senior Project Research Report

The final senior project has to include the following sections:

1. Title page including name, ID, university logo, semester, academic year,

title of the project

2. Table of Content and page numbers

3. Abstract (300 words)

a. Background

b. Objective

c. Methods

d. Results

e. Conclusion

4. Introduction (1,000-1,500 words)

a. Topic overview and Literature review

b. Aims, objectives and research question of study

5. Methodology (500-1,000 words)

a. Ethical approvals and clearance

b. Study design

c. Sampling (sample size, recruitment, inclusion and exclusion criteria)

d. Data collection

e. Analytical tool

6. Results (700-1,000 words)

a. Sample characteristics

b. Tables & Figures and text on the results (need to refer to the aims and

objectives of the study)

7. Discussion (700-1,000 words)

Discuss the results of the study, and make a reference/comparison to findings

from other studies listed in the literature review section.

8. Study limitations (300 words)

This can be listed in bullet points.

9. Conclusion and Recommendations (500 words)

Include a brief summary of the findings and recommended next steps based on

the results.

Future research or recommendations

10. Acknowledgements if appropriate


11. References

Include a minimum of 10-15 peer-reviewed references from journals, books,

etc.… according to APA style.

12. Appendices

Include the data collection tools, ethical approval forms, information sheet,

consent form, and letters to authorities in addition to any other documents used

in the study.

13. Rubrics

IMPORTANT: Please print your name and ID on all pages of the document titled

” Rubrics-” (attached in the” instructions” email I send) and make sure you include

all of the” Rubric” pages in the electronic copy of your final report and in each of

the three hard copies that you submit.

Outline: Senior Project Oral Presentation

Presentation time: 15 minutes in total (10 minutes for presentation plus maximum 5 minutes for questions)

The presentation should clearly include the following:

Key background/Literature: a sample of relevant previous research findings.

The research question/ hypothesis: clearly state the objectives and aims of the


Design & Methodology: sampling & recruitment, data collection method and

tools used etc.

 Key results: to include the study sample characteristics along with illustrations

(tables, graphs) of the analyzed results- ensure to answer the research question.

Discussion & Conclusion: to reflect on the results of the study in comparison

with other research, limitations of the study and future research proposed.

References: These should be placed within the presentation where applicable

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