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0/5 pts Question 1 An ideal gas is at a pressure of 992 atmospheres (absolute) and a temperature of 27 °C. What is the molar volume of the gas in m3/kgmol? report the answer up to 3 decimal points. R= 0.08206 Leatme.Ke-1-mol-1 d 0.009 er 0.025 margin of error +/- 8% 5 pts Question 2 a The gas, carbon dioxide, CO2, is fed to a process at a rate of 45 m3/hr. The CO2 is at 304.2 K and 91.125 atmospheres. What mass of the gas is fed to the process, in kg/hr? Use compressibility factor here. R=0.08206 Le-atme.Ke-1-mole-1 Report your answer up to 3 decimal point. d 1.311 er 32,123.991 margin of error +/- 2% 5/5 pts Question 3 The highest temperature at which a specied can coexist in two phases (liquid and vapour) is called the critical temperature. This temperature is pressure dependent. True False 0/5 pts Question 4 An ideal gas mixture

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