Now that you have completed module 5, reflect on the content that you have covered by answering the following prompts to the best of your capacity. please include the questions along with your responses.

  1. Will you commit yourself to go back into the module 5 discussion and practicing the flashcards on naming?
  2. For each learning objective in module 3, provide a rating from 1-3 that corresponds to how confident you are in your understanding of the material. 1 – not at all confident, I need to review the material again, 2- moderately confident, I am sure that I could answer most questions that fall within the concept, or 3- very confident I could teach another student the concept.
    • Understand common indicators that a reaction has occurred
    • Predict whether a reaction will occur
    • Identify the different parts of a written chemical reaction
      • Explain what makes an aqueous solution
    • Balance chemical reactions
    • Classify reactions into:
      • acid-base, precipitation, or oxidation-reduction
      • double displacement, single replacement, synthesis, or decomposition
  3. How many hours total did you spend studying this week? Do you feel like you spent enough time covering the material? If not, what steps can you take next module to make sure that you spend more time studying?
  4. How many hours did you spend practicing problems at the end of chapters 6 and 7?
  5. What steps can you take to improve next module?
  6. What was something memorable that has happened so far this semester?


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