1. a) How would you set up the sleep environment for the 3-5 sleeping room

            The room would ideally be a spacious room so as to reduce the risk of infection spread between the children. The children would take their afternoon naps on matresses laid out on the floor. This arrangement ensures maximal use of the available space as well as reduce risk of falls from beds. Additionally, matresses are much easier and faster to lay down and tidy up after the nap time. For this reason, the room is easier to keep clean and neat.

            With regards to the lighting of the room, it is important to have a well lit room with substantially sized windows to maximally enjoy natural light. The large windows would provide natural lighting in the room thus which is proven to improve mood as well as eradicate parasites such as bedbugs. However, in order to create a sound sleeping environment for the children, I would recommend that blinds or shades be installed as it has been scientificaly proven that sleep quality is better in dark rooms. The shades would provide a transition between a well lit playroom to a sleeping room whenever the transition is required.

            A quiet room is most ideal for quality sleep especially in toddlers. I would do my level best to ensure that the room is away from traffic so as to reduce the noise in the room. White noise, such as the sound of a radio tuned to static would be ideal for the room so as to soothe the children to sleep. However, if this is not available, a quiet room away from the noisy activities will do just as well.

            According to recent studies, the body’s core tamperature has to fall in order for one to fall asleep. Temperature that is comfortable to the adults is ideal for the toddlers to take their nap in. It is beneficial for the toddlers if the temperature is kept around room temperature. It would therefore be of great importance to have an air conditioning system installed in the room for the cold afternoons when the temperatures fall far below the room temperature.   

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