creating a childs book as a pdf or slides, the plot/story should be focused on topics related to ASD or other disabilities7 attachmentsSlide 1 of 7

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We Are More Alike Than Different Natalie Tkachev CADV 453 Hi! My name is Macey and this is a story about my amazing best friend Ava and I. Some would say that Ava and I are very different, which is true but what people don’t realize is that we are more alike than different. Macey Ava When I moved to San Diego, I had no friends at my new school. During lunch time, a girl who looked different than most children, walked up to me and asked if she could sit with me. Macey Ava When Ava sat down with me, she told me that she doesn’t have many friends. She has a rare condition called Prader Willi Syndrome and most people avoid her because of it. Prader Willi Syndrome is a genetic disorder which affects Ava’s life in many ways. A genetic disorder is when the genes in a person’s body are different than what it is supposed to be. Our genes in our body

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