Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses china and globalization:chinas struggle for environment protection and related issues. The actions are accompanied by pledges from the top leaders of the country in shifting China from a model of political economy, which prioritizes more growth across the environment (Perry & Selden 29). This will shift into a place of more emphasis for environmental protection, domestic consumption, and quality of life.However, the Chinese government is not equipped with environmental regulators for legal powers as well as human resources that are necessary for effectively enforcing the measures. The head of Environmental Protection there is a weak bureaucratic department in dealing with environmental issues. Probably, there is an overstatement of the case, even though in the recent years, the piecemeal approach by the ministry in regulating air pollution is a reflection of the limited jurisdiction and capabilities that are without matches for the local governments and the well-connected firms (Tilt 79). The essence of this is to maintain higher industrial activity levels for developing revenues and employment.Similarly, structural and institutional economic constraints hamper the ability of the government in enforcing environmental regulations across other fronts. This includes water resource depletion and water pollution which are acute problems closely overlapping with the aspects of public anxiety across air pollution from the northern industrial heartlands of China. On the other hand, the scheme could soon start turning in the struggle by Beijing in curbing the integral environmental impacts of the industrial development in China. Here, the important implications for investors and businesses are the traditional domestic pillar industries like steel and coal (Shapiro 109).

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