Symbolic Use of the Notion of Sickness and Healing

Dynasties surrounding his son’s illness made Shuan prefer healing his cough through the jade green parcel and a red-and-white lantern. After firing up the stove, Hua Dama prepared it and did not want the son close to it before its final preparation. She then took the pitch-black object to the son, who was to eat and get better (Lu, 2009). After that, his parents told him to go and sleep so that he could get up when he is feeling better. Consequently, according to his parents, they had a notion that if they used the black-pitch object, it would make their son feel better, but after eating it, he still pressed his hands on his chest and coughed. Hence, it can be proved that it was not a better solution to healing. In this case, the notion of sickness and healing was presented by a jade green parcel and a red-and-white lantern (traditional cure) that his parent believed could heal him.

As Shuan’s son was silent, he used guess work to assume that he had fallen asleep. The rustling sound and succession coughs proved that his son was sick. Therefore, Shuan decided to check on other things outside the house, where he found the cool breeze. As he was walking, he met a man that wanted his money in exchange for silver. Shuan offered the money to the guy and decided to go back home. As he was going home, he met people who asked him where he was taking the product or who was ill. Thus, he did not answer any of the questions but believed that he would enjoy its blessings when he placed the elixir inside his son (Lu, 2009). Furthermore, this shows what Shuan had thought to bring gifts as he was using the son’s sickness to get the blessings from the product he bought, as it signifies the notion Shuan had on what his son’s illness will be of benefit through his healing process. Comment by Xiaojue Wang: ? More clarifiations needed.

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