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F a i r D e a l i n g ( S h o r t E x c e r p t ) Reading: Excerpt (20-26, 135-163) (Snyder’s Medieval Art) Author: Snyder, James, 1928-1990;Snyder, James;Luttikhuizen, Henry, 1964;Verkerk, Dorothy, 1958 Publisher: Prentice Hall Publication Date: c2006. Pages: 20-26, 135-163 Course: Carolingian and Romanesque Art Course Code: LEC01 Term: Department: VPH Thank you for using the University of Toronto Libraries Syllabus Service. We are pleased to be able to offer this service to interested faculty. The material attached to this coverpage is protected by copyright and is made available in accordance with the University of Toronto’s Fair Dealing Guidelines. The material may be distributed only via a password-protected platform such as Quercus, and only to students enrolled in the course listed above. If you have any questions on whether your use of

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