Provide a 9 pages analysis while answering the following question: The Use of Christian Symbolism in The Sixth Sense and The Matrix. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The presentation of ethics and significance by contemporary filmmakers reveals society’s beliefs today. As we reflect on our beliefs, filmmakers who mold these beliefs may eventually influence our lives. Filmmakers strive to convince us that these experiences are more than just perceptions.The filmmaker’s use of Christian symbolism challenges the religious imagination of viewers. &nbsp.To prove this point, this paper will analyze two movies with different themes, The Sixth Sense being a horror film, and The Matrix is an action film, both movies equally depicting spiritualism.&nbsp. First, let me start by discussing symbolism in films and an analysis of its spirituality.Understanding Symbolism in FilmsSymbolism study in films exposes how the symbols used by filmmakers can link emotion and reflection, as well as, beauty and perception. It is through the perception and discovery of symbols that bring about changes with what they put into it. The filmmaker’s representations must be wide-reaching and not personal. Nevertheless, symbolism in a film can be so light that the viewers may find its existence unnoticeable. &nbsp.&nbsp. A symbol occurs when a figure is enveloped by mindful and unconscious connections with its effect depends on the observer’s cultural background. The film directors, being progressively more conscious of the symbolic characteristics of color, try to incorporate symbols with subject, nature, and situation. Artistic understanding in analyzing symbolic films, plus extensive exposure to humankind is integrated into the study of symbols (Edward, 1974).&nbsp.Analyzing Spirituality in FilmsIn the analysis of spirituality in films, the examination of the film’s tendency to confirm conviction or tendency to incite uncertainty are considerably studied.&nbsp.Aside from this, the viewer’s reaction to the film and interpretation through their naked eyes or fundamental theories are closely inspected. In analyzing spiritual films, metaphorical meanings are fitted into the faith that humanity respects.&nbsp.&nbsp.