Question 1: Explain coaching and its benefits. Is there only one way to coach? Explain your response.   

Question 2: Use the Waldorf Online Library and look up the article “Baby Boomers Seek New Ways to Escape Career Claustrophobia” through the Business Source Complete database (from June 24, 2003). Use this article to help write a two-page memo, outlining your recommendations for developing managers who are stuck in their jobs or feel underutilized. Use Microsoft Word to create your memo. You can use a memo template, or create your own memo. Be sure to cite all the sources used according to APA style. Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below.   

Question 3: What historical occurrences contributed to the creation of denominations in the Christian tradition? Do you think that denominations are a help or a hindrance to the Christian tradition?   

Question 4: What major differences do you see in the denominations and is there any room for theological agreement? 

Your response must be a minimum of 150 words in length.   

Question 5: How has the Christian movement changed from its early beginnings when the Church was holding councils and discussing the theology of the Holy Trinity, to the Church in modern times? 

Your response must be a minimum of 150 words in length.  

Question 6: Imagine that you have been granted an interview by a world-renowned, female religious leader. What would you like to know concerning her beliefs, her struggles, and her successes? Two of the suggested readings would be excellent sources for choosing a religious leader for this project. (You will not actually interview this person, so feel free to choose any well-known, female religious leader.)  Compile a list of 10 questions that would tell you more about her religion and why she chose to be a leader in it. Do not ask any “yes/no” questions. Good interview questions take just as much critical thinking to develop as answering the questions does. Your questions should demonstrate that you have some knowledge of her religious tradition. Your questions should dig deeper to get to information that cannot be found in the textbook or on the internet, but use that research to guide “the digging” in the interview.  Below are some possible topics for exploration in your research and in forming your questions. You are not limited to these topics:  

• Textual interpretations/misunderstandings  

• Cultural expectations of women  

• Influence of globalization  

• Influence of other religions  

• Religious traditions/practices  

• Effects on her personal life  

• Pressures of being a pioneer  

• Support system   

Click here for a list of tips for writing interview questions.  

As this interview is for an academic setting, you must use APA citations and references to support the research you conducted to create the 10 questions. You do not need a title page, running head or page numbers for this assignment, but be sure to put your name in the top left hand corner along with the date. Your interview title should include the name of the potential interviewee, and your references should be on a separate page. Use double spacing and Times New Roman size 12 font.

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